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HiDrive data security


Your files are always safe with HiDrive - HiDrive online storage acts like an online vault. Which means nothing gets lost.

Online storage offers a reliable way to archive large amounts of data, ideal for backing up your photos, videos and music files.

Your files are secure with HiDrive

HiDrive online storage is the secure solution, that allows you to easily manage your files from any internet-enabled device. It's ideal if you want to access your files wherever you are. So, what makes HiDrive online storage so secure?

When it comes to online security, there is no compromise - choose a provider with years of experience in data storage. Our three-tier security concept ensures that strict security measures are placed on the data centers, the online platform, and HiDrive itself.

Encrypted data transmission

HiDrive is developed so you can work with self-encrypted files, and you can choose to only use encrypted connections, so any unencrypted connections are suppressed.

This way, you have secure access to your online storage at all times via encrypted connection, and your files are definitively protected against any third party breach.

Easy online backup and snapshots

Anyone who has experienced the nightmare of a hard disk crash will know just how important it is to regularly back up your files. It's best to spread these backups across a variety of storage media; but where's the best place to store all these safety backups? The simplest solution is to store your files in a central location online. This way, they are organized and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Not only can you save files on HiDrive, but you can also create a daily copy of your online storage via the Backup Control feature. And if you accidentally delete a file by mistake, you have a chance to restore it for up to 6 weeks afterwards.

ISO 27001- certified data security

Since 2004 our data centers have been tested annually by TÜV in accordance with the ISO 27001 international standard, and they are recertified every three years. The TÜV seal confirms the security and availability of all services.

All your files are kept exclusively in our high security data centers in Germany, where they are safely protected against loss and unauthorized access. They are subject to the German Data Protection Act, which also happens to be one of the strictest in the world.
Thanks to strong partnerships with international market leaders, our data centers are the safest places to store your data.

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