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HiDrive Free

HiDrive Free 5 GB product details

With HiDrive you can save photos, music and documents securely online. Access your files anytime and share them with others.

  • 5 GB of free online storage space
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 1 User accounts
HiDrive Products
HiDrive FREE
Price per month (excl. applicable VAT) FREE
Contract period (advanced payment) no
Top Features
Online storage 5 GB
Traffic unlimited
User accounts 1
Share and exchange files (sharing options) yes
BackupControl (backup and security) yes
Free app (smartphone & tablet) iOS/ Android/ WP 7
Sharing Options
Share Links (amount of downloads) unlimited (5)
Save shared files in HiDrive yes
Third party Upload-Share no
Email upload (addresses per user) no
Security options for shares no
Community folder no
Technical Details
Operating system Win/ Mac/ Linux
Online file manager yes
WebDAV (also via SSL) yes
SMB/CIFS (also encrypted via VPN) no
Rsync (also SSH encrypted) no
SCP no
Backup & Security
BackupControl yes
Hold time for snapshots 6 weeks
Secure data transfer SSL 256
Suppress insecure connections no
Truecrypt compatible yes

All Prices do not include VAT. Contract period is 3 months.