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Use HiDrive online storage for free with your operating system: iOS, Android or Windows Phone 7. Watch to see how you can save, send, and share your files using HiDrive on your smartphone.


The HiDrive App is so easy to use! Our film provides a quick rundown of the most important features of the app.
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HiDrive app for Android phone and tablet

HiDrive App for Android

Our app allows you to access your online storage when you're on the go. You can upload, share and email files, anytime and anywhere. You can quickly scroll through your photos in the image gallery, and upload pictures for free via Quick Upload.

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HiDrive app for iPhone & iPad

HiDrive App for iPhone

With the HiDrive app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can now access your files anytime and anywhere. You can listen to music with your HiDrive app running in the background, even while you use other apps. Share files with your friends and make the most of your iOS device.


HiDrive app for Windows Phone 7

HiDrive App for Windows Phone

HiDrive now offers a Windows Phone app. Save your photos in the Picture Hub, use the share options and recommend HiDrive to all your friends.


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