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What is HiDrive, and what can you do with online storage? Here you can
find out everything you need to know about the many features and
functions that can make your life easier. Just log in and try it out.

HiDrive The easy way to back up your files online!
Find out about the possibilities of your HiDrive online storage here!

Share files with friends & work together

If you want to share an mp3 or joint project work with your friends, quickly and easily, you can generate Share Links for file sharing and send these to your friends. HiDrive upgrades offer Share Links with password protection.
You decide who to give access to your files. You can set up user accounts for your family or your project partners and assign access rights to a public folder.

Allowing others to upload files to your online storage

When celebrating special occasions, everyone likes to take photos. HiDrive is the best way to share photos with friends and family: Avoid bulky email attachments, losing your USB, and unsafe sharing on social networks.
Reduce the chaos and let your friends upload photos into a designated folder to your HiDrive online storage - you specify the folder. All your photos can be saved in one location and you'll be able to access them online, anywhere, and share them with others.

Save email attachments directly to your HiDrive

Important documents, such as your ticket confirmation or work drafts, are often sent by email attachment and can be easily overlooked in an overcrowded inbox – this makes them difficult to find just when you need them.
Forward emails with attachments to your personal mail upload address, which saves them directly to your HiDrive. Any folder can be defined as Incoming Mail. Simply give your mail upload address to your family and friends.

Backup & security. Save files easily and securely online

A hard disk crash is a complete nightmare. One minute you're listening to your favorite playlist, the next you discover it's disappeared into thin air - along with other important documents, if you don't have them backed up. HiDrive is the solution. HiDrive online storage is what you need for storing and backing up your most important files. This means you no longer need to use external hard drives, CD-Rs or USB sticks.
And the best bit - your files are protected against hardware failure, Trojans and other attacks.
HiDrive does more: with Backup Control you can restore files that have been deleted by mistake.

Online & on the go. Access from anywhere you are.

HiDrive stores your files securely and keeps them well organized. All of your files are brought together in one central location, accessible to you, anytime, anywhere. All you need is internet access via your PC, Laptop, tablet or smartphone.
HiDrive has further access options for you: for example, log in to your online File Manager via your browser, or on your mobile via WebDAV. For advanced users, SMB, FTP and rsync are available. This means you can use HiDrive as a conventional hard drive (SMB), transfer large files (FTP) or even use your HiDrive with an NAS box (rsync).
In your account settings you can activate whichever transmission protocols you want to use at any time.