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    • How can I connect to HiDrive?

    • With the free HiDrive package, you can connect to your HiDrive account through WebDAV (also SSL-encrypted). When you upgrade to a fee-based HiDrive paid package, you will have access to additional protocols (SMB, FTP, Rsync, SCP) when you connect.

      What additional functions are provided by the paid package?

    • How can I set up my HiDrive account as a drive on my computer?

    • With Windows 7 as an example, use the following steps:
      1. Go to input field Start > Computer > Connect Drive to connect to the HiDrive server.

      2. Select an available drive letter and enter the path: https://yourusername.webdav.hidrive.strato.com in the field "Folder".

      The next step is to enter your username and personal password. The connection is then SSL-encrypted.

      A new window opens with the folders "Public" and "Users".

      You can now access your HiDrive account under the selected drive letter just like your computer's own hard disk.

      Start transferring data to your HiDrive account, for example, using drag-and-drop.

    • Where can I change my personal data?

    • To change your personal data, go to https://www.free-hidrive.com, "Account management," in the HiDrive customer service area.

    • How do the Share Links work?

    • A Share Link allows you to share a file with a group of recipients that you choose. All other files in the directory remain invisible to these recipients in your protected online storage space. As an option, you can protect the link you've generated using a password and then, for example, forward it by email.

      Share Links are especially useful for sharing large files. Unlike files that are transmitted as attachments by email, there are no size restrictions to adhere to and you won't clog the recipient's mailbox.

      Just log in to your customer service area and mark a file. Using your mouse, right-click the file and select the option "Share file."

      Set the validity period and the maximum number of downloads. With HiDrive 100 and higher, you have the option of setting a password. Click "Create" to generate a link to be sent to the recipients you chose.

      Use the Share overview (menu item "Share") to manage your Share Links and delete existing share links.

    • Functions of the File Manager

    • The web-based File Manager allows you to access your online storage anywhere. The File Manager is available in all HiDrive packages.

      Uploading / upload file
      You can select and upload up to 20 files at once from your local directory or through a URL. Maximum file size is 2 GB.

      Use the Share Links to make individual files available for download.
      See: How do the Share Links work?
      Upload Share (only paid packages)
      Set up a directory to which files may be uploaded by third parties. Set the maximum file size, also the period of time and availability, then set a password as an option. A link is generated that you can send to friends and acquaintances for download. They can upload these files to your online storage space without knowing the user password of your HiDrive account.

      Mailupload (only paid packages)
      Mailupload generates an email address that can be used to upload files. When you enter the HiDrive email address in your list of email recipients, the email attachment is uploaded directly to the selected directory.

      Viewing images / slide show
      If you have a directory containing multiple images, you can view this directly through the File Manager and display these as a slide show. Single images can be downloaded (also as a .zip archive).

    • How can I access my HiDrive using my mobile device?

    • The STRATO HiDrive App for iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7 allows you to conveniently access your online storage even when you are traveling.

    • Can I restore previous versions of my data?

    • The more often you modify your stored data, the more critical it is to run timely backups. With BackupControl, you can automatically or manually create versions of your data, and then easily restore these using drag-and-drop. BackupControl is available in all HiDrive paid packages.

    • What additional functions are provided in the paid packages?

    • In addition to expanded storage space, the paid packages include:

      • Additional protocols for connecting to your online storage, such as FTP, SFTP, FTPS, SMB (CIFS), Rsync und SCP
      • Mailupload feature
      • Upload share
      • Additional options for your Share Links
      • BackupControl enabling easy access to previous versions of your stored data
      • Expanded support by email
      • Plus, HiDrive software enabling you to easily set up the online storage space as a drive in your local environment

      Please note that the range of features and functions vary with the package you've selected.

    • How is my data kept safe and secure?

    • STRATO stores all data on multiple redundant high-performance storage systems. Specially selected hard disks from various well-known manufacturers are used for this purpose. The system is set up so that even in the highly unlikely event that multiple hard disks fail simultaneously, all data continue to be available for the owner of the data. At the STRATO data center, an uninterruptible power supply of batteries and diesel gensets ensures a reliable supply of power, while network connections and power sources are also designed to be redundant. STRATO data centers in Germany are certified based on the ISO 27001 standard, which is the standard that banks and insurance companies typically use to certify their data centers.

    • How can I upgrade?

    • After logging in to the customer service area, go to "Account management" to upgrade your package.