The world of HiDrive: online storage for everyone - 5 GB 100% free!

Product features

All about HiDrive

Get to know more about HiDrive and its features. Save your files online, so you can access them at all times.

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Product Summary

More storage space

HiDrive gives you more: HiDrive online storage offers the ideal solution for your storage needs - up to 500 GB of storage space!

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Mobile Apps

HiDrive mobile

Get the free HiDrive app for your smartphone: Access your entire music collection, and upload photos directly from your mobile.

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Backup & Security

Data security

HiDrive is the ultimate data backup: Your files are securely stored at ISO 27001-certified data centers in Germany.

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HiDrive - get to know our product

Watch the video

Sometimes things just don't go to plan: Mr. Misfortune is having a bad day and nothing seems to be going his way. Never mind, at least he can rely on HiDrive to get the job done. If you:

  • · Deleted a file by mistake
  • · Forgot your USB stick
  • · Don't have room in your inbox
  • · Want to share your holiday video

Don't worry - now you can organize your digital life with HiDrive.

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